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Bringing together parents and professionals, knowledge and experience.  Bringing together those who can help with those who need support.  Bringing together those with something to say with those who have the time to listen.  Bringing together new ideas and established practice.

Helping women to realise their power as parents and service users, raising their voices, sharing their stories.  Helping professionals to realise their ability to effect change, bolstering their confidence, celebrating best practice.  Helping the most junior to understand their role in driving change, helping the most senior to recognise the talents upon which they can draw.

Seizing opportunities, joining up services, promoting family wellbeing, campaigning for support, pushing for access, sharing new research.

Together for families.


heartmummy connection is the creation of me, Helen Calvert.  I am a mother of two, a former marketing executive and now a parent advocate and social media campaigner. I live in Cheshire with my husband Phil and sons Edward and David. I run a private Facebook group for UK mums, and campaign for better breastfeeding support on paediatric wards under the hashtag #hospitalbreastfeeding ( I am also part of the #MatExp (maternity experience) campaign, and Chairman of my local playgroup, Raglan Road Preschool.  I blog at Heart Mummy Musings.

Read my interview with Alex Swallow of Social Good Six here:

Contact me on or via Twitter @heartmummy

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