Blood to Baby

Project Coordinator: Hannah Tizard

The #BloodtoBaby campaign started through social media after sharing optimal cord clamping stickers – requests for the stickers became overwhelming and realising public desire for tools to inform women about the benefits of delayed cord clamping the #BloodtoBaby campaign was born. Using multi-level networking in order to collaborate and share messages, professionals were empowered in their role as servants in public health promotion. They requested stickers, posters, postcards and badges, which have been posted to midwives, doulas and healthworkers as far as Australia, Bangladesh and the Gaza strip. Using initiative and concentrating efforts with like-minded individuals – all who support innovation – together the campaign engaged over 1.5 million people through Twitter alone.

The campaign’s infographics are now endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).  Click here to see the NICE Intrapartum Care guidelines for third stage of labour.

Find out more here:

Or tweet @bloodtobaby

Categories: Maternity

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