Project Coordinator: Amy Cotter

Sensoriel registered as a CIC in December 2011 with the vision to create a unique multi-sensory service in the Borough of Wigan, which will focus on allowing families and individuals access to the specialist equipment we will provide and which they can’t readily access in the Borough.

Sensoriel has been established to make the lives of people better by providing a range of services and interventions for adults and children who have long term disabling conditions.

Sensoriel is now able to provide a mobile multi-sensory service to those people in care homes and day/community centres and those attending Children’s Centres. They have the equipment to turn most spaces into a multi-sensory setting, and additionally, also within a multi-sensory setting, they can project reminiscence films on to screens whilst using aromatherapy smells (such as carbolic soap and coal fires) for those people living with dementia.

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