Infant Feeding

B.O.O.B.S. Salford

Project Coordinator: Kimberly Bond of Visit From The Stork CIC

“Be Open On Breastfeeding” in Salford is a small community project in Salford, Greater Manchester, which aims to help women to become more confident to breastfeed. They do this by encouraging mums (of all ages and backgrounds) to speak out about their experiences, and telling us what they needed to know (and sometimes weren’t told) throughout their journey. This way, they can help those mums-to-be to access important information so more of them take the steps of breastfeeding with their little one.

The BOOBS Salford Members 2016 group on Facebook was originally set up for the mums involved in the BOOBS Salford Charity Breastfeeding Calendar in 2015. The group is now looking to provide support to those starting out on their breastfeeding journey, struggling, or wishing to support others, as well as discussing how we can support more women in Salford. The group is also for anyone willing to get involved with BOOBS as a volunteer.
Check out the BOOBS Salford Facebook page ( for up to date information on campaigns, events and meetings across the city.
BOOBS Salford is a project of Visit from the Stork CIC. Visit from the Stork is a social enterprise for young parents and parents-to-be under 25. We aim to inspire and empower parents to achieve for themselves and their children by giving them impartial information and advice at the time when they need it most. We provide support from pregnancy until school age through our website and magazine, and create education and training opportunities for those parents looking to move back into work or learning some new skills. We also get involved with a number of projects in Greater Manchester, around supporting families and children.
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