Infant Feeding

Breastfeeding – when Mum goes into hospital

Project Coordinators: Helen Calvert (heartmummy) and Asha Crocker

In January 2015 a member of my own private Facebook group was admitted to Aintree Hospital.  She had a 5 month old baby who was exclusively breastfed.  This mother’s experience of trying to maintain breastfeeding whilst an inpatient on an adult ward was distressing and frustrating – you can read the full account here:

My hospital breastfeeding campaign was always meant to focus on the support available on paediatric wards, and improving that support is still the main aim.  However, the problems faced by breastfeeding mothers who go into hospital themselves also need to be addressed, and I have used the hospital breastfeeding platform to start to do this.

Breastfeeding Peer Supporter Asha Crocker has joined the campaign and is focusing on the situation on adult wards across the UK.  We have already received a number of stories, some of which are discussed here: 

If you have a story to share, either from the point of view of a breastfeeding mother or from the point of view of a nurse or clinician working on an adult ward, do please get in touch:

There is a group of peer supporters and healthcare professionals in the Portsmouth/Southampton area looking at this issue specifically for their local hospitals.  To get involved with this group please email or join the Facebook group:

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