Infant Feeding

GP Infant Feeding Network

Project Coordinator: Dr Louise Santhanam, GP

The GP Infant Feeding Network (UK), or GPIFN, is an independent professional network established in February 2016 by General Practitioners, with the support of infant feeding and maternity colleagues. Its goal is engaging the primary care team in working towards best practice in infant feeding, enabling GPs to provide evidence-based support for breastfeeding and information so that babies who are not exclusively breastfed can be fed as safely as possible. GPIFN is also raising awareness of the importance of breastfeeding support services to reduce breastfeeding challenges and protect maternal wellbeing. GPIFN operates on Twitter and Facebook and is forming regional branches across the UK through which GPs can meet local colleagues and work on improving local infant feeding support.

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  1. HI GPIFN, Congratulations on this initiative. In my work I still hear stories from women who have been given poor advice from GP’s often through lack of any training, and even common breastfeeding issues seem a mystery to many. here in Suffolk all GP’s can access a free e learning package paid for by public health from UNICEF. Sadly, very few have taken up the opportunity.


  2. Thank you Linda for your support. We hope to be able to encourage more interest in learning about infant feeding/breastfeeding in the GP community, help to signpost to good educational resources and reduce the instances of poor advice. You are very welcome to introduce any interested Suffolk GPs to our group where we have shared links to the UNICEF e-module. Can you let us know which CCG is offering the free e-learning and you are welcome to email us on if you have a contact that we could direct people to to get the log-ins if they are from Suffolk. Our advice to increase uptake is to approach GP Surgeries, the GP Educational Meeting (usually held monthly by the CCG) and GP Trainee Education sessions (likely linked to the local Hospital Educational Centre). It would be useful to point out that the e-learing provides free CPD which GPs can use for their appraisal. Hope that helps. Louise


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